CRK: cultural exchange between Brazil and Germany

CRK Communication began its activities in the field of promoting Brazilian culture in New York, from where it operated from the beginning of the 1980s till the mid-90s, when it moved to Germany. After working for some years in Hamburg, in 2002 CRK settled down in Berlin, Europe’s most pulsating cultural center.

Connecting Germany with Brazilian culture and opening exchange channels between the two countries are the main goals of the projects bearing the brand name CRK.

Creating projects and producing events in the fields of arts, culture, and entertainment, CRK was involved in launching landmark projects that dissiminated Brazilian culture in the US and Germany.

CRK is specialized in media relations for Brazilian music. The agency acts as promotion and marketing consultant for record releases and accompanies the organization of shows and tours of Brazilian artists in Germany and Europe.

Facilitating the dialogue between different sectors of the entertainment industry, CRK is able to represent artists and labels at music fairs and festivals in Europe.