CRK: your partner in Germany and Europe
Coordinated by journalist and cultural producer Cristina Ruiz-Kellersmann, CRK Communication has 30 years of professional experience with projects executed in the US, Germany, and Brazil. CRK operated in these markets in the fields of promotion, marketing, tour management, and consultancy on behalf of leading multinational record companies as well as Brazilian and European independent labels.

As a journalist Cristina Ruiz-Kellersmann worked as a New York correspondent for Sistema Globo de Rádio (Globo Radio Network, a Brazilian group of radio stations belonging to the Globo Organization), daily newspaper Jornal do Brasil, Showbizz magazine, and the Portuguese music magazine Blitz. In Germany she was a contributor to Jazz thing magazine and wrote a bi-weekly column about Berlin for Brazilian daily newspaper O Globo (Segundo Caderno) between 2010 and 2013.

Identifying necessities and opportunities as well as finding adequate partnerships for launching artists, products, and campaigns are a part of CRK’s working strategy.